Monthly Archives: April 2009

  • Fried Fava Beans and Pickled Ramps

    As always, Chef Roy takes care of the vegans and vegetarians that love our Kogi flavor. Here we have a particularly green special with Fava Beans fried to a delicate crispy texture with a side of … > Read More

  • Kogi BBQ

    Giant Robot – 4/09

  • Grilled Asparagus and Nectarines

    Asparagus spears grilled to deliciousness with our famous salsa roja topped with marinated nectarines. It’s the vegetarian’s way of saying, “I can eat awesome food too!”

  • Pork Belly with Lychee

    Shame on you for missing this awesome special. Made with the delicious combination of Pork Belly, Lychee, and caramelized Kimchi. Truly, an original dish from Chef Roy to you.

  • Kogi BBQ

    Inside Out Ho-Dduk

    These are sweet rice cakes with a sesame and brown sugar glaze.  Inspired and derived from the traditional Korean pastry ho-dduk, which is made of rice flour, cooked hot on a grill with a sweet honey … > Read More