Avocado Spread Egg and Cheese Torta

Just for St. Patty’s Day, we decided to add a little green to our special egg and cheese torta with a special home made avocado spread. Goes great with some Jameson!


10 Responses to Avocado Spread Egg and Cheese Torta

  1. zzzzzzzzzzzz says:

    you know what goes good w/jameson?
    more jameson…

    oh my head

  2. armanisuit says:

    would this be available at Alibi anytime soon?

  3. cupanoodoh says:

    you know what else would go with this? some dead animal flesh. It needs some meat holmes!

  4. Chef Roy says:

    Yo Mr. J,

    I’m as nasty as any brotha on the streets but just tone it down a bit for da kids please.
    Otherwise I know Alice is gonna erase it 🙂
    Think Trick Daddy:
    Trick love the kids.
    Peace and taco grease
    Chef Roy

  5. Kori says:

    Mr “J”

    This is food not a porn site! Thank you chef Roy…
    J is a marano.

  6. mindy says:

    Went to the Eagle Rock location for the first time on 3/24/09 with two hungry teenagers (after basketball practice….yes they were starving). We all loved it. I had no idea that you had other things on your menu. We just ordered what was published on the poster outside the truck. Anyway, you can publish new additions to your menu? Would like to try them next time around.

  7. brennan says:

    whoooaaaa! do you guys have this all the time? if so, i’m definitely getting this when you come to UCLA on tuesday!

    (> ‘-‘ )>

  8. Casey says:

    You should come back to burbank or make your way to NoHO. We like tacos over here too.. at a location pls..

  9. Nick says:

    Need tacos in OC pleeeease

  10. milena says:

    Was avocado added just for St. Pat’s day? Do you still make egg & cheese torta with avocado now (all the time)?

    Is this available on trucks?

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