Doheny Hamburger Tapas Special

The Doheny Club, one of the most exclusive clubs in Downtown LA with the most creative selection of specialty cocktails invited us once again to hang out in their alley way.  Of course, with a place as hidden and hush hush as The Doheny, Chef Roy had to make something as delicious and inventive as their cocktails.  Thus, we have a specialty Hamburger Tapas.  And like most drinks that are served at The Doheny, this was a one night deal.

Will we have Hamburger Tapas again?  Only time and the mood of Chef Roy can tell…


13 Responses to Doheny Hamburger Tapas Special

  1. armanisuit says:

    looks great!

  2. Dang – sounds so delicious yet so elusive – licking the screen does not do this justice…league taco

  3. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:



  4. David says:

    Are you guys open on Sundays? Specifically this sunday?

  5. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    No, we’re not open on Sundays. It’s our onLy day off!

  6. krazy kajun says:

    that hamburger tapas was awesome! and those marinated strawberries with the red onions and brie were indescribably delicious…more

  7. Ryan says:

    come on man don’t taunt me with this, I’m already addicted to the damn short rib burrito and now you show me this! I’ve got the shakes just thinking about getting my fix tomorrow at the Eagle Rock stop, and now I’ve gotta go chase the dragon by eating something pathetic in my fridge like string cheese, and now this???? It looks so gooooood………..

  8. J ROD says:


  9. Yoli says:

    Kogi… do you ever use chicken , beef, or fish in your taco’s I live near eagle rock… but do not eat pork… just wondering…


  10. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    OMGZ. when I 1st read it I saw, “Kogi… do you ever use chiLdren, beef, or fish in your taco’s”

    But now I see that you have written “chicken.” PHEW. I totaLLy thought you’d caught onto our dirty littLe secret.

    As for the above, yes, yes we do – except for the fish. Though we do carry seafood speciaLs at the ALibi, so it’s aLways a possibiLity.

  11. you mean you DOn’t have children tacos?!? i am moritified
    and miffed…oh, just, y’know kidding…

  12. boozealot says:

    dudes, you guys have hit the spot, i’m from syd and we need this shit down here!

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