Alibi Room… Shh…

As those of you know, we opened up our first kitchen in the Alibi Room. For those of you who have never been there here’s a peak at some of the items that you will never find on the trucks. For these, you’ll have to stop by the Alibi Room.

Taro and Lotus Chips. Made fresh every day and seasoned lightly. These things are so addictive they should be illegal.

Okay, okay. We got fed up with people coming up to our trucks asking for french fries. So here they are, Chef Roy’s Spiced Korean French Fries. Great with a few pints of beer.

And for those of you always looking for a great special, here is the Chef’s Torta of the Day. It comes with a side of those awesome Tarot Chips and the Torta changes daily dependent of the Chef’s mood. So you make him mad, he might just make a super spicy one.


100 Responses to Alibi Room… Shh…

  1. Meiyee says:

    Wait, so if we go to the Alibi room, will we only get these items, or will we get the full menu we’d find in the trucks AND these items above?

  2. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    these are aLL in ADDITION to aLL the items you find reguLarLy on the truck. YARM.

  3. then i’m going to chef roy super mad! hehehe,
    oh,and tarot chips are illegal in most parts of
    utah…but i knows a guy who can get some, just don’t
    ask where.
    the alibi rules!!!

  4. designgap says:

    so, have you guys thought about having the truck(s) roll out to Coachella this year?… imagine the lines!… you’d need a trailer to store your supplies…

  5. Steve2 in LA says:

    Hey, what about us folks in the San Fernando Valley! What are we, chopped liver (on a sesame-oil bagel with kimchi schmaltz) ? I’d be there so fast, your kogi would spin!

  6. Luis says:

    You guys should consider going to San Fernando Valley. LA Valley College in North Hollywood, Burbank media center or Cal State Northridge.

  7. alice says:


    Steve2inLA: you are not chopped liver. you are dericious niblets of chopped pork beLLy sizzLing on the griLL. SFV, we hear ya loud and cLear!

    Luis: consider it considered.

  8. Mer says:

    You guys definitely need to stop at CSUN or San Fernando Valley.

  9. Robert says:

    San Fernando Valley or Ventura county. Please, please ,please,please

  10. Jessica says:

    your food is SO good. i ate there tuesday night, then wednesday night. then i wanted to go again thursday, but couldn’t beat the traffic.

    i tell everyone about the alibi room. i’ve already got a bunch of ppl to go check it out. free publicity!

    great food!

  11. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    Jessica – thou art awesomeness. Thanks so much! ^__^ FLattery wiLL get you everywhere, my dear. And the more the merrier! Yaaaar!

  12. Stan says:

    How about Pierce College one of the days you go to SMC?

  13. Matt christie says:

    Hey does anyone know where I could find recipes for this stuff? I am all the way East in New York and I am very curious but cannot wrap my head around this…

  14. alice says:

    Matt Christie – no worries. You’LL be abLe to wrap your head around it one day, I’m sure. As for the recipe – tis secret, monami!

  15. Pierce College says:

    Let’s do a Pierce College run.

  16. myasorubka says:

    Just came back from Alibi Room. What a great neighborhood joint! 3-taco combo and kimchee quesadilla were freaking delicious!!

  17. claudia says:

    Please come to the San Gabriel Valley, San Marino, Pasadena, or Korea Town.
    Because so far all the places you have been to are almost 100 miles away each. Closer, closer closer!!!!!! Thanks

  18. Alli411 says:

    YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!Great tacos and fab crowd at Alibi Room! Loved the tacos and the taro+lotus root chips. Went well with my Hefe Weizen (good beer selection) Happy to spread the word about your tasty tacos at

    Looking forward to trying the other menu items that are coming soon. When will they be available?

    Also, any chance of the truck coming to the Skirball “Authentic” event tonight?

  19. susan says:

    come out to the oc!!!!!!

  20. Jazmin says:

    yes! I agree on coming to Cal State Northridge. Pleaaaaaaaaaassssssseeee??? ^.^

  21. charitee says:

    question: do we have to be 21+ to get into the alibi room or can we youngins enjoy some kogi yumminess?

  22. mindy says:

    Ever consider La Canada Flintridge area? Lots of hoity toity willing to get in line and paying for some delicious bbq tacos. Pick your spot on Foothill Blvd.

  23. char says:

    Please come to Ventura County….Thanks!!!

  24. Bacchus says:

    Fullerton, Cerritos, Anaheim etc… awaits you!!!

  25. Alice says:

    I went to the Alibi room and I had no idea it was a bar and I couldn’t order food just because I wasn’t 21 -______- I missed out AGAIN. My second time. I came all the way from Long beach. Can you guys come over here instead of being only in LA area? thanks!

  26. Moani says:

    Annyong haseyo!!

    PLEASE send trucks to Ventura County/Thousand Oaks area. I live in Westlake Village and LOOOOOOOOVE Korean food!! I want some of Kogi’s foooood!!!! There are NO Korean places to eat around here and I’m in need! P L E A S E ! !


  27. Rachel says:

    Another request for the SF Valley here. Sherman Oaks, Encino, N. Hollywood, even Burbank would work!! Hope to see you soon 🙂

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  29. RYAN says:

    Need Kogi in the Valley pllleeeeaasseee!

  30. DJ Revenge! says:

    Please come out to the SF Valley!? Must Have KOGI!

  31. A Good Customer says:

    I love the food and the place atmosphere, but there’s a blond bartender that seems to be a little rude to me every time i go there.I’ve been there 3 times and saw her giving a good and happy service to the people next to us. I’ve always tip very well so I don’t know why she have to be so discriminative choosing favorite costumers.
    The people in the kitchen are awesome, always happy and helpful.
    Thanks for the great food.


  32. LORRAINE says:

    i cannot believe i lived for 17 years around the corner from the ratty blue-and-white alibi room with the cheesy dutch door only to have it close, be re-done, and have food looking this good available AFTER I MOVE EAST. so wrong.

  33. milena says:

    Is the avocado spread egg & cheese torta available all the time at Alibi AND at the trucks?

    You mentioned you added avocado for St Pat’s day, but do you make it with avocado now??

    It looks awesome!

  34. Paul says:

    Any thoughts on the OC idea?

  35. XFaCToR says:

    Pretty please come to Bakersfield, just once?? 🙁

    -I know, but I can at least hopeeee.

  36. Tony says:

    In the TV interview I saw, a customer mentioned that he liked the Kim Chee Quesadilla. Is that a regular menu item??? Please say its so… I need that in my tummy.

  37. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    kimchi quesadiLLas are, in fact, reguaLar items.

    Baaaaaaaakersfield…. ummmmmmmmm…. ummmmmmmm…. ya know, when and if the price of gas drops beLow 1.00 a gaLLon we shaLL reconsider!

    OC… I do see OC in the cards…

  38. Jane says:

    Come to Orange County and we can do lunch!

  39. Iwantkogi says:

    i literally live a block away from the alibi room and i am 20 years old. THEY ARE REFUSING THAT I ORDER FOOD TO GO UNLESS I AM 21 WHAT KIND OF BULLSHIT IS THAT.

  40. Chef Roy says:

    Fake I.D……..

    Chef Roy

  41. PA says:

    Son went to Bar Mitzvah in Temple City tonight. He brought home two of you “burritos”from you truck. What a unique way of having bul go ki, kim chee, namool all at once! Onolicious! Mahalo Nui Loa Chef Roy! Beats Taco Bell Tacos/Burritos anyday! Glad he brought your Kogi home for me instead of the Taco Bell Tacos I asked him to get for me 🙂

  42. PA says:

    Oops! I wasn’t suppose to eat meat…my dad’s memorial anniversary! Oh well, dad would understand 🙂 He always did 🙂 Mahalo Nui Loa for making a sad day a happy one for me!

    P.S. Chef Roy do you by chance know Chef Alan Wong?

  43. snobbyalibi says:

    if you like being treated with rude, snobby, ignored customer service.. I suggest you go to the alibi in culver city. Where the bartenders are apt to assist non minorities.

  44. snobbyalibi says:

    also bartender named Libby was the extremely rude girl. In times like this when you can be choosy with your money and when you promote mostly online and word of mouth.. she is leaving a foul taste in bloggers and tweeters mouth. I doubt I will be having kogi in the near future nor recommend that my friends go there like I was before I went to the alibi. on my previous outtings I got served thru the trucks. If this is the kind of customer service that Kogi as a brand is putting out. I want nothing to do with it. Good food, bad service.

  45. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    snobbyaLibi – couLd you pLease send me an emaiL detaiLing the situation — the date/time of your experience, the name of the server, the context of the situation? We’re keeping a fiLe on the service and wouLd appreciate any input you can give us so that we can work on it. You can send it to I hope we can work something out!

  46. T & P says:

    Another request for coming out to the San Fernando Valley! Never tried Kogi, but it looks great! I definetly want to try it.

  47. Kogi Rookie! says:

    Cannot wait to see you in the OC!! You state this weekend in Buena Park, I’ve got a crowd/caravan on twitter ready to go!!! Two trucks will be required. LOL!!

  48. EYEKON says:

    You should come out to east la… give all the taco trucks a run for their money….

  49. El Tumba Burros says:

    Come to Tijuana. We want to try something different! Don’t worry, we’ll get a speed pass to cross back in no time!

  50. Alex says:

    Some of my buena park homies talk about you guys.

    We’re dying to see you in OC!

    Jack up the prices and it’ll surely pay for the gas.

  51. Lee says:

    Thank you Kogi! I LOVE Korean food, but I must say your twist on foods is truly amazing. I was lucky enough to sample your menu when yall were parked outside of Pussy and Pooch in downtown LA. I couldn’t believe the lines! I now crave the tacos, and the kimchi hot dog and look forward to trying more. PLEASE COME BACK!

  52. Food N Driver says:

    Wish you guys came out to our neck of the woods and park outside our buidling in burbank on Thorton by Yahoo one day…the droves of people will come out like ants to sugar on a hill!!!

    btw Chef Roy if you ever need a soux chef or even a dish washer for a day…it be an honor.

  53. peppermonkey says:

    Had a nice meal at the alibi room last night with some good beer. The 2 bartenders were nice enough. I was wondering if Chef Roy is mostly at the alibi room or does he roam on the trucks more. The tacos were delicious but the tortillas were a little hard and I didn’t have the soul pleasing experience I had the first time with the truck.

  54. kurlykirby says:

    Kogi don’t forget the Hommies in the South Bay! We’ll be waiting and until then were stuck on the 110 but that’s O.K as long as your not sold out when I get there!

  55. Oxnard says:

    Please come out to Ventura county… Oxnard or Camarillo! Plenty of hungry shoppers at the outlets!

  56. MemoriezLast4Ever says:

    OMG! I live in Inland Empire and was staying in Glendora for the weekend. My friend and I totally made a random adventure on Sat. Night to Venice for the first time Kogi Experience and I can honestly say it was sooooooooo worth it! I am glad I looked on your website because as much fun as it was to find the Kogi Verde, Alibi Room here we come!!!! 😉

    Thanks for the most awesomest food EVER!

    I understand everyone wanting Kogi closer to them, but dude it was a blast going to Venice at 1am and then after Kogi Yummynummyness we kicked it at the Santa Monica Pier/Beach. Didn’t leave til like 4am. It was a blast 😉

    Thanks for a memorable adventure.

  57. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    MemoriezLast4Ever – awwww, my heart just meLticated. i totaLLy wish we went to middLe schooL together just so that you couLd’ve signed my yearbook. you’re probabLy the kind of person who never stooped to signing “HAVE A GREAT SUMMER” or “YOU ARE A NICE PERSON”.

    (( H U G ))

  58. Glendale Girl says:

    Another vote for the Burbank/Glendale/Pasadena area here! Don’t have a driver or cook for an additional truck? I’m not working but I can drive AND cook…I’ll do it 🙂

  59. homeschool mom says:

    I homeschool our three children and we’d love to visit your trucks or your restaurant, but I think you’re too far from Long Beach. Is that right? Consider getting more trucks to roam a wider area of southern cali. Otherwise, we’ll have to make it a field trip to go out and see you guys.

  60. phillip says:

    Dear mom

    Torrance shouldn’t be too far. 15 minutes or so???
    Weather is pretty nice for a field trip too. ^^*

  61. geezy says:

    come to the valley please

    it sounds like a broken record by now im sure…. but just 1 time???plzkthx

  62. cess says:

    can’t wait to try your food!!!

  63. Loves Yummy Tacos says:

    IT’s true that the Alibi has some rude bartenders/severs. The first time I went they were nice but the second time I was totally ignored and they let the people they know who arrived after order before me. Luckily 10mins later I ran into a friend that knew another bartender and then I was able to order… It’s was very crowded and I can understand it gets crazy busy but come on now, shouldn’t it be first come first serve?

    But don’t worry I love Kogi tacos enough to give Alibi a few more chances 🙂

    p.s. I’m also a little disappointed that you guys stopped going to SMC!

  64. Mark says:

    I have been to the Alibi over 10 times and the staff has always done a great job. You could see the bartenders are always busy and must wait your turn. One bartender always welcomes me with a handshake and welcoming me back.
    I fell very lucky when I secure a bar stoll and don’t have to stand.
    Remember it’s a bar that serve food, it’s not a restaurant that serves drink.

  65. Kim says:

    Please come to the San Fernando Valley please!!!!

  66. Jojo says:

    WHERE’s THE BEEF!!! I was in line for over an hour and expected GREAT TACOS and A SMASHINGLY GREAT BURRITOS .. All I got was coleslaw and tortillas.
    Also, what’s with the line!!! There’s 6 people in the truck barely doing anything ….

    I love the marketing hype .. I hope you can back it up with better food

  67. chef Roy says:

    Thanks for the advice.
    Can you let me know which location you were at?
    I will try to correct the portion size.
    Our guys are doing their best, we will try to speed things up.
    Chef Roy

  68. Maggie says:

    I would love to try your tacos, they sound delicious! How about coming to the Inland Empire? Ontario or Riverside would be great!

  69. jason says:

    Need to get me some here in Dallas. Franchise opportunities??

  70. WG says:

    I will be visiting Burbank for a wedding in August (I live in Boston) and I would love to try your food. Do your trucks operate anywhere reasonably close to Burbank? Thanks for the info!

  71. phillip says:


    Eagle Rock is about 10 – 15 minutes from Burbank. Hope will see you then.

  72. Elaina says:

    Hey Mark, that’s nice that you get such a warm welcome when your at the Alibi room, Please let me know when you are there so that I can come sit with you so that I may get such a greeting and get my drink and grub on with this great food. Much love for Kogi you guys are doing such a great job in bringing the cultures together. =D

  73. Margarita says:

    Hello Mark,
    I agree with the comment Elaina posted I wanna come sit with you guys also especially if that means im gonna get served with good food and get a warm welcome too, man count me in. What days do you guys go? I’ll see you there.

  74. Richard says:

    Just found out about you guys from no other than one of my Korean friends. We have been friends for almost 3 years and I never once heard of the Alibi Room, nor the taco trucks….and he’s a regular! No worries tho, he’s treating me tomorrow so it’s all good. I plan on visiting both Roja AND Verde to get my, well, his money’s worth!

  75. Mark says:

    Elaina and Margarita, you are always welcome to hang with us at the Alibi. I’m usually there once a week

  76. Ben says:

    You need to expand to New York! I have heard that it is being considered, but it really needs to happen. I had the quesadilla and dessert truck combo today and loved it. I really want to try everything else, and based off of the line from today, you guys should seriously come here and make some new business.

  77. hungrypal says:

    Please bring your truck to the San Gabriel Valley area of Alhambra, Monterey Park or San Gabriel, etc….I want to try your food, but your weekly truck schedule always misses our neighborhood. Keep us in mind! I am sure you’ll have a good turnout in these areas.

    Thank you!

  78. SuzyQBBQ says:

    We R starving in OC, please have sympathy and save us from our bland eats. Help. Please give us our own truck. We are 3 million here and could $upport 2-3 trucks by ourselves. Help for the hungry – 1 in GG and the other in South OC.

  79. Jenny says:

    Would you consider switching to pasture-fed beef? It’s better tasting, healthier and environmentally friendly. If people think your food is good now, imagine how awesome it would be with the right kind of meat!!!

  80. chef roy says:

    Oh, our meat is the right kind of meat……

  81. Honey says:

    OMG!!!! Thank you so much for fantastic great food! It was an hour’s wait in line, but so worth the happy ending darling!!

    Thank you….

    Do you still have the Front of the Line cards you can buy?

    Will definitely eat your yummy food again.

    Fresh, healthy and oh so Kogi…


  82. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    thanks so much for the kind words! front of the line pass — so far onLy one lucky lady shaLL be in possession of that!

  83. Vida says:

    I finally had your tasty food today and I’m still fantasizing about all of it, especially the kobe sliders! Please come to the valley more often, especially around LA valley college in the daytime. PRETTY PLEASE!!!!!

  84. EJ says:

    WHERE ARE YOU GUYS IN SFV?! please come to CSUN area

  85. Reggaestone says:


    Was standing at the side bar with my tacos,

    1st bite ever…Luckily I was standing cause

    I had to jump back and kiss myself!

    I actually was glad I had it at the Alibi

    because the hefeweisen was the perfect

    companion to my tacos!

    -Thass Wassup!

  86. OCkogi says:

    Is OC going to see the KOGI trucks again, We are wishing Yes! I know there were some barriers but hoping they are being overcome…

  87. Rick Shaw says:

    I went to La Mirada on Friday Night the burrito was killer, my friend raved about the hot dog so much that I went to Torrance on saturday night. The hot dog was just as good as the burrito and 3 tacos I had friday

  88. grdiablo says:

    alllllllllllllllice nice to see u take complaints abt service so well. as an individual in a service business i know its virtually impossible to make all happy. was @ alibi tonight. muy contento.

  89. OCMike says:

    THANKS THANKS THANKS for coming out to Orange tonite!! Second time meeting up with the truck and was able to get in line before it showed up this time. Those sliders are freekin awesome! Can’t wait to catch up with the Kogi crew next time you’re down here.

  90. JIBLINI says:

    just had our 1st kogi- short rib burrito was my favorite. tacos(spicy pork & chix) were good, too, just a little too much greens but taste definitely not what you would imagine with taco or burrito.

    now, time to try the quesadillas, sliders & hotdog.

    pls. come to monrovia/arcadia/duarte area…good turnout is expected!!! myrtle ave in old town monrovia will be a great spot esp. after a late movie.

  91. daryl says:

    whens the truck rolling out to vegas?!?! we need one out here! plsssssssssssss

  92. ChibiFoxChan says:

    Yum! had you guys yesterday and almost ran back for more…..cept i was out of cash. Come to Culver City more PLZ!!!

  93. Diane says:

    Would love to stop by the Alibi Room but since it is a bar that serves food, can I bring my kids to eat there or are they limited to the trucks?

    Please come to San Gabriel Valley more often!! Monrovia area!!!!


  94. Phillip says:


    Sorry.. need to be 21 to get in.

  95. GypsyHeart says:

    I’m soooo glad that you finally are coming to the San Fernando Valley on a regular basis. But I’m worried that the lines haven’t been that long in the afternoon. I mean, that’s great when waiting to eat, but what if that means it’s not worth your making the trip? Please, all you folks who encouraged Kogi to come to the Valley, make sure you take advantage of them now being here, so they keep on coming here for us!!!

  96. Leslie says:

    Do you have online ordering so that I can place my order and pay for it with my credit card in advance. I have been able to do that with many restaurants. My order is then faxed or put through to your computer, etc. This way I am never put on hold.

  97. Narrrr says:

    Come to the San Gabriel Valley!! Alhambra, Pasadena, Rosemead, Arcadia…etc! Pleaseee!!! 😀 😀 😀

  98. rachel says:

    I love you guys for making a commitment to orange county! But if possible, come to northeast oc. Like east fullerton, placentia, west yorba linda, or brea! I know you have a lot of fans in these areas; they just don’t have time to drive 30 mins one way! Much love + merry christmas!

  99. neel says:

    u guys need to start using 3 foot in diameter size tortillas cause i hate when im done eating Kogi. id rather die first from overstuffing than stop eating Kogi

  100. Mary Ann says:

    Any Chance u guys are coming out to CSUN…or to North Hollywood (Lankershim and Vineland..Toyota Dealer) time 10:30 am to 2:00pm…Weekdays..

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