What? What? Korchata?

Our brilliant and crazy sister, Alice Shin, came up with this wacky idea of making a Korean Horchata using Korean Rice Punch and Horchata ingredients to make this frankenstein beverage.  Of course, Kogi is all about crazy food ideas made into reality.  So, for tonight we have a few yummy treats for you!

  • Korchata-shikae
  • Spicy Fish Cake w/ Sesame-Lime Salt
  • Kimchi Quesadilla
  • Kogi Dog w/ Kimchi Saurkraut

7 Responses to What? What? Korchata?

  1. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:


  2. jennifer says:

    i’m trying to find someone who’s free to go with me tonight cuz i dont want to show up alone. the specials look delish!

  3. Emil says:

    Just got back from The Brig… had a Kogi Dog and a some Short-Rib tacos.


    Keep that Twitter feed updated.

  4. Christine says:

    How can I convince you to drive a Kogi truck up to SF? I think you guys would be a huge success there!

  5. eric says:

    We’d love to come out to SF, but we’re not sure our truck would be able to make up those steep hills. She is a heavy beast. All kidding aside, we’d love to come to the bay area someday. We’ll let you know if it happens.

  6. Duc says:

    I missed out on the Korchata! Very curious to try it. I usually hit up your truck at the Brig, but I’m bringing two newbies out Thursday night to get our grub on! Can you make a secret stash of Korchata for me? haha

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