Sweet Tooth

Had some yummy new specials this week.  The star in my mind was the Pickled Strawberries and Brie.  A tangy and sweet little dish with out the pretentiousness of a $20 price tag.  Perhaps a bit more complex than our usual dishes, but yummy nonetheless.

The Tomatillo French Toast with Goat Cheese was really another one that got to my taste buds.  The subtle hint of Tomatillo in the batter really put an interesting twist to your standard french toast.  Goat cheese, being one of my favorites, really made this item even better.  Of course, we smother the French Toast with some Maple Syrup like children and it’s bon appetite.

Our Kogi Dog has been getting a lot of fans lately.  It’s big, messy, and delicious.  Though, we wonder, what do you guys like more?  The Kogi Dog or Kogi Sliders?


3 Responses to Sweet Tooth

  1. Douglas Scott says:

    They serve a similar hot dog in San Francisco from a hot dog cart in Golden Gate Park that tops the hot dog with kimchi and a squirt of japanese style mayo – addictive! I make mine at home using spicy hot dogs. I wonder what it would taste like using sundoobu – korean blood sausage?

  2. eric says:

    mmmm…. sounds delish. Sundoobu hotdog? Sounds like a really tasty idea.

  3. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    you mean sounndae? wow. that would be pretty interesting.

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