New Year's Eve Specials

It’s New Year’s Eve and it’s time to celebrate!  Bring your champaign and party with Kogi.  We’ll be hitting all the spots tonight from the Eastside in Silverlake to the Westside in Venice.  For this special occasion, we’ve got 3 specials on the menu tonight.

  • Spam Tapas with Warm Kimchi and Sesame Leaf
  • Pork Belly with Dandelion Green Kimchi and Pickled Red Onions
  • Kogi Dog w/ Kimchi Sauerkraut

Hope to see you guys out there tonight!


6 Responses to New Year's Eve Specials

  1. Marg says:

    Thanks for celebrating New Year’s Eve with us on the Eastside! I couldn’t think of a better way to ring in the new year! Hope you guys had a good one! Happy 2009! 🙂

  2. chef roy says:

    eastside luv, westside luv, mid-town luv, k-town luv, downtown luv,
    hollywood luv,
    thank you LA for supporting Kogi, we are doing our best.

    where you at south bay, the valley, la canada/la crescenta, pasadena, south central, west covina?

    chef roy

  3. Marg says:

    Silver Lake!!!! I know there were lots there but I had my dog, Ketchup, with me and she was wearing a green t shirt ;p Yeah, nuf said about the T. Will make sure to say a big taco hello the next time you’re in the neighborhood 🙂

  4. genie says:

    thanks for the free spam taco on my birthday last night! it was amazing! 😀

  5. Aliiiiiiiiiiiiice says:

    i hope you had a good one. did you share with the other birthday girl? sharing is caring!

    love and tacos.

  6. Thanks a million for this awesome article! If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, I’m so excited for all the New Years Eve 2010 parties!

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