New Special for UCLA Folk

Tonight, Chef Roy has something really special cooked up for you guys.

We have a Pork Belly Kimchi Fried Rice Cake w/ Egg-Shiso salad.

Who says you can’t have gourmet food at street food prices?  Come check us out tonight if you want to try it since our specials don’t stay on the menu forever.


3 Responses to New Special for UCLA Folk

  1. anna says:

    wow — this looks amazing! a combination of two of my favorite things about la: taco trucks and korean bbq!

    any chance guys will head over the eastside one day? silverlake, atwater village or los feliz would bring out lots of eastsiders eager to try your food.

    congratulations — can’t wait to taste!

  2. Mark says:

    Anna – Thank you for your kind words and support. We would love to visit the eastside..any ideas for a place to park? …

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