Burnt Rice Porridge with Kimchi Chives Special

In Korea, little is ever wasted when it comes to food. This dish is no exception. When rice is burnt at the bottom of the pot, Koreans like to scrape it out and turn it into a crunchy snack or pour some water into the pot and turn the burnt rice into a tea or porridge. So if you wanted to try this rustic Korean dish with a little bit of our Kogi flare, tonight is the night.


One Response to Burnt Rice Porridge with Kimchi Chives Special

  1. Sleepyhead says:

    Dagnabbit! I missed this – sounds perfect for what ails me. Will
    have to catch you guys next time your cruise by on Venice Blvd…
    Until then Happy New Year and can’t wait for the Blade Runner future when dozens of Kogi flying bbq trucks fill the LA sky!

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