Vegan Sesame Taco w/ Asian Pear and Pomegranate

One of the tastiest bites yet. For those who wanted a 100% hardcore vegan dish, we made this one for you. The tortilla has been replaced with a sesame leaf and inside we have our own lettuce, cabbage, and green onion mix with Asian Pear and Pomegranate. The first bite is a refreshingly crisp surprise while the following bites hit you with a bit of sweetness from the pomegranate.

Truly, this is a 5 star dish served at a street level price.


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  1. Darrell says:

    I was the guy who chatted with Caroline at 2:30am at Ivar/Sunset and chatted. I tried this vegan bite and to be honest, it didn’t do it for me. I’d substitute or remove the pomegranate seeds (it was dark and I didn’t know what the heck I was eating that was hard) and I’d use more tofu. Or even use the deep fried tofu cubes in it for more toothy texture and a little more flavor.

    The sesame leaf is a great touch, perhaps add a bit of kim chee to this dish to give is a Korean touch of flavor. And garnish with some pickled radish and bam I think it would be even more popular.

  2. chef roy says:

    great suggestions Darrell, when I bring it around again I will make those adjustments and hopefully i can make it better. how as your other food?
    chef roy

  3. k.c says:

    wow !!!!!!! um, just a little speachless rite now. I hope you know who this is or remember glad to see your doing great.

  4. Mark says:

    KC…please refresh our Kogi memory….

  5. k.c says:

    chef roi was my chef in sacramento, I think of him my mentoring chef. He’s the reason i got the oppertunity to go to reno,nv and do my a.c.f apprenticeship. speaking on that note Im just about done with my training. any chef’s out thier im looking for a oppertunity.

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