Specials for Tonight

We have 3 Specials for you guys today.

  • Sliced Persimmons and Rice Cakes with Sesame and Organic honey
  • Korean Pancakes with chili-soy dressing
  • Short Rib Sliders

So I hope you’re hungry!


2 Responses to Specials for Tonight

  1. susy says:

    where you guys going to be at this week?

  2. Mark says:

    Susy – We will be in front of Cabana and Green door Thursday through Saturday from about 11pm to 230am. We will also be in Westwood Wednesday and Thursday from 8pm until around 11pm to 12am…depending on how the evening goes. Feel free to contact me directly for exact location. Thanks for your interest and look forward to seeing you at the truck. Best….Mark

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