ChocoLate Tres Leches

Spiced peanut brittLe w/ toffee, Cocoa PebbLes, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, toffee, cayenne and cinnamon.  Sticky, crunchy and gListening w/ meLted sugar, it secretLy beckons for you to TOTALLY MAKE OUT WITH IT IN A DARK CORNER. ::bLushes:: ShameLessLy.  And without reason.

When removed from their aLuminum cups, you can see how moist these littLe bosoms of chocoLate cake are with aLL that tres leches oozing from every open pore.  Cream, condensed miLk and whoLe miLk infused w/ cinnamon and cayenne drip in a sLow and sweet beg for a stainLess steeL spoon.

A  creamy, miLd gLob of tapioca miLk rescues you for but a moment from aLL that spiced, chocoLate intensity.  It’s a jeLLified, thick bLob of a surprise — cuz reaLLy, dudes, who needs a friggin gLass of miLk when it’s DIRECTLY INJECTED INTO THE CAKE?

No worries, mah frenns.  This peep show shaLL be accessibLe on aLL trucks next week for $4.

Can we say THANK YOU to our pastry chef Beth KeLLerhaLs???

Love, tacos and tres leches,

P.S. Mad props to my rittLe brother for los fotos!


39 Responses to ChocoLate Tres Leches

  1. @Martooska says:

    Thank you Beth for bringing me yet another step closer to diabetes 😉
    Do I really have to wait two days? My mouth is watering like a hyena in a Saharan feeding frenzy. Idk what I’m saying. My last real meal was twelve hours ago. Why am I punishing myself with these pix?! I’m deliriously starving. Ttyl

  2. @blackadam52 says:

    Oh my. Chocolate video and chocolate cake. Mmmmmmmm. I’m such a mark for advertising. This should be a commercial!

  3. Jam says:

    The mood music is CLUTCH!

  4. jin says:

    ok, this is just making me horny and angry now.

  5. lei ann says:


  6. Shawniece says:

    =D you’re wrong! Wrong wrong!!! To serve this up on a short week =P

  7. Deedub says:

    Oh, that’s 10 million shades of wrong, especially since you’re not coming to my neighborhood this week… and my being broke doesn’t help either. 😛

  8. @stealthwarp says:

    Seriously looking forward to tomorrow night when we roll up on Verde for Tres Leches Porn (reminds me of molten lava cake at the Avalon Hotel). Ques Pues Kogi? Got Milk?

  9. linda says:

    yum!!! i got a chocolate orgasm!! lol

  10. Alex says:

    Luv Kogi…Now I gotta have Tres Leches…Any plan to park it in the Westwood area, especially during lunch time???

  11. eric says:

    Just as an advanced notice, we have sold out last night of service, so we may not have it ready for the lunch shift. But keep your fingers crossed and hope we get a new batch from Beth for you lunch goers!

  12. @infamous says:

    Will definitly be hunting you guys down when u make it to the OC on saturday for that delish lookin plate.

  13. carol seaver says:

    this won’t be at the alibi room? boo.

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  15. Rachel says:

    I live in the Bay Area. I just come to your website to torture myself with the pictures. Why don’t you make a roadtrip up north some time?

  16. honestplayer says:

    oh nooos, fam’ and i went to the torrance location tonight and it was sold out – they said within an hour. had our hearts set on them – gotta, get there earlier, these things are THAT GOOD!!!!

  17. martarubia says:

    Look reaaaaaly tasty!

    it’s a shame that i live in Brazil!


  18. woohoo says:

    So did not get to try this In rosemed. So. Sad. to many people cutting

  19. Giancarla says:

    Are you serious?! Only 1 week?! I’m enjoying one right now and it’s…wow…blissful doesn’t cut it. It’s eyes-rolling-to-the-back-of-the-head good. Can you not sell this permanently? I’d so hunt down your truck all over Orange County just to get this tasty morsel of a dessert.

  20. Scotty says:

    The food is fabulous, my only critique is that when they roll the burritos the contents are not evenly distibuted so you don’t get meat until the last few bites, or the first depending…

  21. Papi says:

    That’s a great observation. Our only goal is to have every bite filled with crazy lip smacking goodness!
    We will look at the burrito process and inspire our team to make sure every bite has that dank ickyness!
    Thanks, Kogi got you partna’


  22. Danielle says:

    This chocolate tres leches cake look so dang good. I hope i can get some on Wednesday night. Im hoping Anahiem still happens. That is my old stomping grounds and Im looking forward to my first Kogi experience. Go Foodies!

  23. I discovered your site when I was browsing for something else, but this post was one of the first sites listed in Yahoo, your web site must be pretty popular! Keep up the good work!

  24. John Carlo says:

    When I first saw this at the truck, it looked disgusting. But I started to see everyone buy it so I assumed it had to be good. After I took my first bite of this delicious concoction I genuinely believed that my mouth had an orgasm. Please, don’t take this away from me!!

  25. Kevin says:

    Believe me, this is the best dessert you will ever taste. Simply amazing, however a bit pricey at 4 dollars a pop. Oh well, i suppose its worth it.

  26. ryan says:

    I bought a couple of these on the truck so i can eat them all week. How long do they last in the fridge?

  27. Huy says:

    crazy dessert! im not a dessert fan and i enjoyed it.

  28. Brenda says:

    Oh my God, finally tried your truck for first time last week…sooooooo delicious! And that dessert is one of the best things I have ever tasted in my life! Please keep making that! I looked at your menu online and was hoping to get one, I got there right at noon, but there was already a line of people waiting and it took an hour to get up to the truck…when I did there was only one of the desserts left and I was so happy I got it! YUM YUM YUM YUM!!

  29. Lisa says:

    An orgasm has nothing on what happens to a human being after they take their first bite of this cake. We had the Kogi truck at a party the other night, I brought three of these home with me, and – well – even Taye Diggs would be hard pressed to top this tasty goodness. 🙂 PLEASE, never stop making these!

    (And can these be ordered as a catering item? Meaning, can I order 25 or so for pick-up even if the Kogi truck isn’t in my neighborhood?)

    Kudos to the chef!

  30. La Veda says:

    We need you back in Torrance at Alpine Stars

  31. Loni Tartt says:

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  34. Totally satisfied customer says:

    Today was the first time your truck came to Directv in El Segundo and the korean bbq burrito without the tortilla for me (specialy made) was off the hook! It was by far the best thing that I have tasted from any of the trucks thus far that are strolling to our company these days. Keep up the great work and hope to see you at our job again very soon…

  35. Patrick says:

    Soooooooooooooooo sad!

    Are these out for a while?!?! There wasn’t any post about Verde not having any at the Signal Hill location on your Twitter, and this was all me & my GF wanted tonight.

    We were even the first 10 people in line too. T____T

  36. Eric Shin says:

    @Patrick The best time to get them is at the 6pm stops since we only restock our desserts once in between lunch and dinner. If we run out at the first stop of the night, we won’t have any for the late night stop 🙁

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