Blue Moon Mulita

Our premiere Salsa Azul dish. So what is a Blue Moon Mulita besides a strange UFO-looking dish of otherworldly deliciousness? It’s melted cheese, grilled onions, and chicken sandwiched in between two toasted corn tortillas, topped with Salsa Azul and crushed sesame seeds. Best part is, it’s only 3 bucks — which is way cheaper than the admission price for the next Star Trek movie.


5 Responses to Blue Moon Mulita

  1. Lloyd says:

    Can I order this or you guys don’t sell this anymore? I keep asking for it at the Azul truck but they keep saying there is no more.

  2. Eric Shin says:

    Yes, it should still be available. They might have been out of the Azul salsa or something. I’ll ask.

  3. I tried this last night for the first time &it instantly became my favorite item. kogi dogs are still great, dont get me wrong…. but this,.. this -was delicious! crispy and gooey with chicken ta’boot!

    thanks again ROSITA for coming within in scarfing distance of my house!

  4. KBalque says:

    I can’t believe how good this is. They were out of the chicken when I got there. I had the beef. OMG!! Sooo good!!

  5. wendy says:

    It was soooo good. Best to get two, because they aren’t big portion wise, but they are delicious.

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